Calendar / By-Date Search

By clicking any date in the calendar on the left-hand navigation, you will see a list of events for that day. Use the "<<" and ">>" buttons to switch months.


Search by Keyword

Type in all or part of an event name to see all matching events. If you have trouble finding an event, try a partial search, such as "Badu" instead of "Erykah Badu."


Browse Alphabetically

Clicking any of the letters near the top of the page will display a list of all events starting with that letter. If you're looking for an event that starts with a numeral, click the "#" symbol at the beginning of the letter list.


Buying Tickets

When you click "Buy" on an event, you are shown a detail of the event with the date(s) and venue location(s) for that performer/event. The radio button next to the event should be selected and the event highlighted. Click the "purchase" button at the bottom of the screen.

On the next screen, choose the seating level you want (or GA/general admission) and the quantity of tickets you want, then click "add to order".
On the "My Order" screen, confirm that you have chosen the event and quantities you want. If you are ready to purchase, click "Secure Checkout"; or "Continue Shopping" to buy tickets for another event.
Clicking "Update" will refresh the prices to match the quantities and shipping. To remove tickets from your order, select "Remove these tickets from my order" directly under the "delivery" field.

When you click "Checkout," you will be asked for your name, address, phone number, email address and credit card information. These fields are all required to place an order. If you are signed in, everything will be filled out except your credit card information.

While your order is processing, do not click the "back" or "reload" buttons on your browser: it could cause the system to place your order twice! If you do not receive an order number or authorization code, you may safely click back or reload to try again.

If you card is declined or you experience an errors, you will have the opportunity to check your information and try again, or you can call us and use the order number provided. If your order is accepted successfully, you can click "Printable Receipt" to get a printed version of your receipt, but note that we will also email the receipt to the address you provided.


Shipping Options

Shipping options may vary by event or promoter, but usually there will be at least one mailing option and one will-call option. Our system will automatically remove shipping options if there is not enough time to deliver tickets before the show.

Will-call means your tickets are help for pick up at the box office, which is located in the venue where the show is taking place. To get your tickets from willcall, you will need a valid photo ID and the credit card used to purchase the tickets. Although not required, bringing a printed copy of your receipt can be helpful in locating your order faster.


Service Fee

In most situations, a service fee is always added to the price of the ticket. We make every effort to keep this service charge as low as possible. This fee covers the overhead charges involved in box office operations not limited to ticketing software fees, credit card fees, labor, ticket stock, phone fees and more. Sometimes the service fees charged are directed to us by the promoter, and sometimes includes fees all ticketing outlets are forced to charge for a show, such as venue facility fees, parking fees, etc. Thank you for supporting our independent business and understanding that this small fee helps to keep us in business.



The Card Validation Code is a security code printed on the back of your credit card in the signature strip. It may appear on the front of American Express cards. The code is the LAST three or four digit group in the sequence.

An example of a CVC code.


Sign In

If you"ve already created an account with us, you can sign in here. If you do not have an account, please read this.


Sign Up

Creating an account makes ordering faster because your billing and shipping information will be stored, and you won't need to type it in again the next time you order (for security purposes, however, credit card information is NOT stored).
Additionally, you can view your order history and have email receipts for any past orders resent.
If you do not have an account, and would like to create one, click "my account" on the top right navigation, or "sign in" on the left navigation. Then click "if you do not have an account, sign up." Enter the email address you wish to use and create a 6 to 16-character password.
Alternately, at the end of your first successful order, if you are not signed in under an account, you will be prompted to create one using the email address you entered for the order.



You can opt in to any of our emailed newsletters to find out about upcoming events at our venue, or join specific artists" mailing lists. You are never automatically added to any list, nor is your email address shared with any third parties. You may unsubscribe at any time.
To subscribe or unsubscribe from a newsletter, click NEWSLETTERS on the left navigation and follow the instructions.


If You Didn't Get Your Receipt...

If you didn't receive your receipt via email, first check any spam folders you have in your email account--it may have been routed there. Secondly, if you have an account with and placed your order using that account, use the order history function to print out your receipt or resend it. Lastly, try to remember if you received a confirmation number after your order--this means we did get your order correctly. Please use the CONTACT US link to call or email us to check your order. We do not recommend that you retry your order, as you may wind up with a duplicate order which may not be refundable.


Order History

You must log in using the SIGN IN link to access your order history. Once logged in you can print or re-email any of your receipts.


Other Help

Need some help not listed here? Please click on CONTACT US in the left margin and let us know what you need help with.


Using Tokens

Tokens allow you to buy a limited amount of reduced-price or free (comped) tickets. You must be signed in under your account to use your tokens and see the special pricing. Tokens are often used for special packages, where you pre-pay a discounted amount to see a certain number of shows. If you want to see how many tokens you have available, or have redeemed, make sure you are signed in, then click My Account. To get tokens, you usually have to buy a membership or custom package first. If you don't see any on our site, click CONTACT US to find out more information. If you just purchased a membership or package, you will have to log out, and sign in again to see discounted or free prices.


Membership Pricing

Some of our events or merchandise have special discount membership pricing. You must be signed in to your account to see special membership prices. If you want to see your current membership level, click MY ACCOUNT. To be a member, usually you have to buy a membership or season pass. Sometimes these memberships and packages are only available at the box office or over the phone. If you do not see any options on our website, use the CONTACT US link to get more information.